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Get relief from your foot pain! Fix the embarrassing foot issues, growths, and other discomforts! West Connecticut Podiatry LLC, located in Danbury, CT, provides you with specialized care in all types of podiatry services.

Set up an appointment, come in and get treated for your foot pain today! Dr. Richard Gosnay specializes in podiatry, and he and his medical team at their podiatrist office are very knowledgeable and highly skilled in providing you with the best foot care in the area. It’s important to get your feet looked at, even if you’re experiencing what seems to be a minor change in the appearance of your feet or toenails, because a change in your feet could be a sign of something going on with your health. We’re always on our feet, so our feet are more prone to injuries and other ailments and can be a sign of more serious medical issues.